Live interactive broadcasting
software for multiple usage

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Our Broadcasting Software

Facilitate remote learning and e-learning with

Broadcast live

Allows educators or instructors to deliver real-time lectures, presentations, or workshops to a live audience.

Multiple studios

For creating diverse and engaging virtual classrooms or online learning experiences with multiple studio.

Fully interactive

Real-time, two-way communication and interaction between the presenter or educator and the audience or students.

A new era of interactive education with our cutting-edge tech.

Engage and inspire students from anywhere in the world


Secure Broadcasting

Ensure the privacy and security of your live broadcasts with encryption options.

Control access and permissions to protect sensitive content.



Count on our dedicated support team for assistance with technical issues or questions.

We're here to help you deliver flawless live broadcasts.

Unlock Boundless Learning with EduVSAT

Foster active learning through live streaming, interactive tools, and virtual classrooms.

High Quality Audio/Video

Immerse students in crystal-clear, HD audio and video for a captivating educational journey.

Multiple Studio

Create diverse virtual environments for your broadcasts, enhancing engagement and visual appeal.

Multiple Locations

Connect with learners from different corners of the globe, fostering a global classroom experience.

Low Bandwidth

Reach even remote areas with low bandwidth requirements, ensuring access to quality education for all.

Hand Raise Option

Encourage participation and interaction with the hand raise feature, promoting active learning.


Facilitate real-time discussions and Q&A sessions, fostering dynamic communication between educators and learners.

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